Monday, March 01, 2004

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Alwa kudukarathu- To cheat

Aatha - Mother

Abase - Loot / steal

Alppam - Silly/Cheap

Anna - The Elder brother

Anni - Elder brother's figure

Appeetu - Unsuccesful

Asathal - Impressive

adangkokka makka - Oh My God!


Bejaru - annoying

Bulb vangarathu - To get embarassed

Bajari - In strict terms lady in high street offering body rental service. Also used for gals with simial eloquence


Cutting - Small Peg

Chevaru Mutti - similar to Sulpeta. Alcohol with a distinct quality of urge to bang in the walls after getting drunk. Not usually available in the open market


Damaram - deaf

Dubakoor - cracked

Dubukku - Clever fool (its me me me )

Deal-la vidurathu - not keeping up to one's responsibility and letting something fail

Dabaikarathu - The act of escaping silently

Danks baa - Very friendly way of thanking


Gaja - Matter/Porn

Gujili - Jigidi/Figure/Chick


Jiggidi - figure/ chick


Kadalai - Casual chatting Usually between two members of opposite sex

kiLambu, kaaththu varattum - a decent way of saying that your words are not making any sense and you better shut up and get lost

Kalasarathu - To ridicule someone

Kalasitta po - Wow...its great

Karuthu Kandhasamy - Person on full time duty on Preaching others for the sake of it

keesuduvane keesu - To get left and right

Kuruttu Kabothi - blind


Machan /Macchi /Maamu - casual way of addressing a friend

Major Sundar - One who lives in the style of 5 generations back

Mama - long arm of the law - which reaches into your pocket for 50 rs now and then

Maanga - Fool

Maal - Money/Buck

Mary- A gal who often displays her English linguistic skills

Meter - Multiple meanings Money collection not by lawful means sometime used for drunk also


Pannadai - lunacy indefined

Periya Paruppu - Big brother

Peter - A guy who often displays his English linguistic skills

piskothu - very simple (when it refers to an activity)

piskOthu - a silly person (when it refers to an individual)

Pongal - Kadalai

Poyappu - Daily life/survival

Punnaku - Useless


Quarter Govindan - Person with permanent symptoms of Salpetta and Chevaru Mutti


Ravadi - Troublesome


Sister - Often used to address figures where attempt was unsuccessful

Single tea-kku singi adiththal - survival has become very difficult

Salpeta - Special brand of alchol not usually available in the open market


Thena vettu - Bold/ Arrogant

Thala - The Head (boss, one and only leader etc.)

Thoda - sarcastic exclamation (usually doubting)

Ticket Vangarathu - To attain eternity at Kannama pettai


usaar paNrathu - to get something for oneself using devious methods

Ushaar Maakans- Careful Fools


Vennai - Useless guy

Vetti Officer - Likes of us i.e. people who are not employed for any useful work


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